Sources of Electrical Energy

Energy is the ability to do work. There are various type of energy and electrical energy is one of them. Electricity is a phenomenon that resulted from the existence and flow of electrical charge.
5.1  Sources of Electrical Energy
  • Electrical energy is invisible but its function can be observed all  the times.
  • Electrical energy is used to produce light, heat, sound and to move things.
  • There are 6 electrical enery sources, namely: 
  1. Hydroelectric Power
  2. Solar cells
  3. Dry cell
  4. Dinamo
  5. Accumulator
  6. Generator
Hydroelectric Power
  • Hydroelectric power stations use kinetic energy of water to move the water turbine and generate electricity
  • Hydroelectric power stations use the kinetic energy of water (released from a damn or waterfall) to turn the water turbine and generate electricity
Solar cell
  • Solar cells convert sunlight energy into electrical energy
  • Solar cells are used in tools such as satellites and calculators

Dry cell
  • Dry cells store chemical energy
  • Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy to move tools such as toy cars
  • Dry cells are used because of their small size and easy to carry

  • Dynamo is a magnetic rotation in a loop of wire that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy
  • A dynamo is mounted on the bike to turn on the lights on the bike
  • When the bicycle tire rotates, the small wheels on the dynamo also rotates

  • Accumulator converts chemical energy into electrical energy
  • Accumulator is used to move motor vehicles such as cars

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