Equipment Handling Safety and Electricity Saving

5.3 Equipment Handling Safety and Electricity Saving
  • Safety measures when operating electrical equipment must be emphasized to prevent accidents.
  • The safety measures that need to be taken are:
  1. Avoid repairing electrical equipment when a switch is still on
  2. Keep hands dry when touching the switch
  3. The switch on the socket must be turned off before unplugging it from the socket
  4. Damaged wires need to be replaced with new wires
  5. Make sure electrical equipment is monitored while using it.
  6. Connect only one plug to one socket.
  7. Avoid leaving the iron on the clothes for a while.
  8. Avoid playing kites near electrical cables.
  9. Do not use damaged electrical appliances
  10. Damaged equipment must be repaired by an authorized party
  • Electricity makes our daily lives easier and more comfortable
  • However, unwise use of electrical equipment will lead to high consumption of electricity which in turn increases the cost of electricity
  • Prudent use of electricity can reduce our monthly electricity bills
  • The measures to save electricity
  1. Using a fan instead of air conditioner
  2. Reduce the use of water heaters during bathing/showering
  3. Turn off the light during sleep
  4. Do not leave electrical appliances switch on when not in use
  5. Do not leave the refrigerator door open for too long
  6. Using energy-saving lamps such as LED lamps and compact fluorescent lamps instead of filament lamps
  7. Unplug unused electrical appliances