Seed Dispersal

4.2  Seed Dispersal
  • Dispersal is the way to carry seeds away from the parent plant
  • The method of dispersal is known as the seed dispersing agent.
  • The seed dispersal agents are:
  1. by water
  2. by wind
  3. by human/animal
  4. by explosive mechanism
Dispersal agent Features


Husk, hollow spaces, Waxy leaves, waterproof, Can float

Example: Coconut, Pod and Pong-pong


Fine hairs, Small, thin and light, Winged structure and Large numbers

Example: Cogon grass, Meranti, Angsana and Cotton


Edible fruits, Fragrant smell, attractive color, Small, lightweight and crocheted/hooked to stick to animal fur or clothing

Example: Rambutan and Love grass

Explosive mechanism

When ripe, the fruit will dry out and crack or roll

Example: Rubber, Lady finger, Saga, and Bloating flower