Simple Machines & Complex Machine

10.2  Simple Machines & Complex Machine
  • The simple machine is a tool that helps us do work more easily and quickly.
Type of simple machine Description
Wheel and axle.
  • Wheels and axles are devices that consist of wheels fixed on a rod called an axle
  • Example, door knob
  • Lever is a tool consisting of a rod fixed on a fulcrum to lift or pry up an object load
  • Example, broom
  • A screw is a grooved cylindrical tool that can be inserted into an object by rotating it to unite or tighten two parts of an object
  • Example, bottle and its cap
  • Gear is a tool that consists of jagged wheels
  • Example, gears in the clock
  • A pulley is a device consists of a grooved wheel that allows a rope to pass through it to lift or lower a load
  •  Example, window blinds
Inclined plane
  • Inclined plane is a tilted flat surface which has one of its ends are placed at different height
  • Example, the stairs
  • Wedge is a tool which has one pointed end and is used to cut, hold and stop an object
  • Example, knife & doorstep
Complex machines
  • Some of the tools used in our daily lives consist of a combination of several types of simple machines
  • A tool that consists of a combination of more than one simple machine is a complex machine
  • A sustainable complex machine is a machine that has sustainable features, such as:
  1. durability
  2. not easily damaged
  3. profitable to the users
  4. does not adversely affect the environment
  5. easy and safe to use
  • An example of a sustainable machine is a bicycle, because a bicycle is easy to use and does not require fosil fuel to move it. Therefore, the bicycle will not pollute the environment.