The Human Nervous System

1.1  The Human Nervous System



The human nervous system is the control system in the human body

The nervous system is divided into:

  • Central nervous system

  • Peripheral nervous system

The structure of the human nervous system:


The pathway of the human nervous system:


  1. Stimuli

  2. Sensory 

  3. Organs/receptors

  4. Nerve impulses

  5. The brain

  6. Nerve impulses

  7. Effector

  8. Respond

Type of response:

  • Controlled action

  • Out-of-control actions

Controlled action Out-of-control actions

Actions that can be controlled by one’s will

Actions that occur automatically, that is are unnoticed and cannot be controlled according to one’s will


- Communication

- Thinking

- Eating

- Breathing

- Digestion

- Eye reflex