Earth's Gravity


Earth is the third planet from the sun. The movement of the earth around the Sun and the rotation of the earth on its axis cause several events to occur in our daily lives. The Earth also has a force called gravity.

9.1  Earth's Gravity
  • Each object tossed up will fall back down.
  • All objects around us are pulled toward the center of the earth by a force called the gravitational pull on the Earth.
  • Gravity or gravitas in Latin means weight. Gravitational pull is present on all objects.
  • Without gravity, astronauts would float in the air. Therefore, astronauts need to wear special suit and use special equipment for daily affairs so that objects around them do not float.
Gravitational pull on the Earth
  • Earth's gravity is the force that pulls an object toward the center of the earth.

The importance of the gravitational pull on the earth
  • The gravitational pull on the earth is important for the object to remain in their position
  • The gravitational pull on the earth causes the object not to float in the air