Reflection of Light

5.2  Reflection of Light
  • When we look in the mirror, we can see our image formed on the mirror. This phenomenon is called light reflection
  • The light is actually reflected towards the mirror, and the mirror in turn reflects the image towards the eyes.
Reflection of light phenomenon
  • Image on water surface

  • Image on floor tile

  • Image on metal surface

Applications of reflection of light
  • Mirrors reflect light from face to eyes

  • Side mirrors allow viewing of objects behind and on the side of the car

  • The navy can see objects that are on the surface of the sea from inside a submarine using a periscope. Two mirrors in the periscope reflect light from obstructed objects toward the observer's eye.

Ray diagram

  • If the surface is smooth and flat (such as a mirror), the reflected light will be even
  • If the surface is rough, the reflected light will be uneven