Pie Chart

8.1  Pie Chart
Diagrams that show division or breakdown of data or information in circles.
Each value is represented by one sector of the circle.


Sarah has 80 pieces of picture cards of vertebrates. The pie chart shows the classification of vertebrates.



a) What is the percentage of amphibians?

Percentage of amphibians:

100% - (25% + 20% + 15% + 35%) 

= 100% - 95%

= 5%

b) Find the difference between the number of mammals and bird picture cards.

\(\text{ Mammals} = \dfrac{25}{100}\times 80\text{ pieces}\\ \quad\quad\quad\space\space\space\space\space\space\space=20\text{ pieces}\)

\(\text{ Bird}= \dfrac{35}{100} \times 80\text{ pieces}\\ \quad\space\space\space\space\space\space = 28\text{ pieces}\)

The difference between the number of the picture cards of mammals and birds:

Mammal picture cards - Birds picture cards
= 28 pieces - 20 pieces
= 8 pieces