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Bab 5 : Grammar

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In this chapter, you will learn about different parts of speech in grammar. You will learn about abstract nouns and concrete nouns, which are different types of nouns.

Adjectives are words that describe nouns, while adverbs describe verbs. Articles are words like "a," "an," and "the" that come before nouns.

Collective nouns are words that refer to a group of people or things. Common nouns are general names, while proper nouns are specific names.

You will also learn about comparative and superlative adjectives, compound nouns, conjunctions, countable and uncountable nouns, gerunds, interjections, modal verbs, personal pronouns, phrasal verbs, possessive case, prepositions, reflexive pronouns, relative pronouns, singular and plural nouns, subject-verb agreement, synonyms and antonyms, verbs, the verb "to be," the verb "to have," and WH-questions.

You will also practice writing subjectively.
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