Objects That Less or More Dense than Water

  • Every material and object around us has a different density.


Objects That Less or More Dense than Water

  • Density is mass per unit volume. 

Float and Sink 

  • Some objects around us can float and sink in water. 
  • Each object has a different density. 
  • Objects that are less dense than water usually have many air spaces. Hence, it will float on the water surface. 
Examples of objects that float:-
  1. Ping pong ball 
  2. Leaf 
  3. Sponge 
  4. Cork 
  • Objects that are more dense than water usually do not have air spaces. Hence, the objects will sink in the water. 
Examples of objects that sink:-
  1. Stone 
  2. Screw 
  3. Magnet 
  4. Coin
  • The density of oil, water and stone are different from one another. Hence, we can observe that the oil float on the water while the stone sink in the water. 

Water Become More Dense 

  • The density of water can be increase by dissolving sugar or salt in water. 
  • This is because dissolving sugar and salt in the water will increase the mass of the one unit volume of water. 

Applications of Density in Life