Classes of food


Classes of food 


Classes of food 

  • Foods are classified into seven groups.

Classes of food

1.   Carbohydrate
2.   Protein
3.   Fat
4.   Mineral 
5.   Vitamin
6.   Fibre
7.   Water

Importance of food 

  • Each food classes have it owns functions and importance. 

Balanced diet

  • A balanced diet is a diet that consists of all groups of food and followed the recommendation of the Malaysian food pyramid. 
  • We are recommended to eat according to the healthy plate portion. 

Effect of imbalance food intake 

  • An imbalanced diet may result in health issue.
  • As example: 

A high intake of fatty foods may lead to obesity. 


Eating too many candies and sugar may cause dental caries. 


Not eating enough fruits and vegetables may cause constipation. 


Eating too much salty food and salt may lead to high blood pressure (hypertension).