Animals' eating habits

  • Animals have a variety of eating habits according to their species. Animal eating habits can change over time and adaptation.



Animals' eating habits


Animals' eating habits

  • Animals can be classified according to their eating habits. 

Dentition of animals

  • Herbivores, omnivores and carnivores have different dentition structure. 

Changes in animals natural eating habits

  • Some animals change their natural eating habits. 
  • For examples:-
1.   Cat 
  • Cats originally are carnivorous animals. However, cats changes from carnivore to omnivore. 
2.   Polar bear
  • Bears are naturally omnivorous animals. But, polar bear changes from omnivore to carnivore because there are no plants in their natural habitat. 
  • The changes in animals natural eating habits are due to adaptation. Our environment changes through the years and animals needed to adapt to suit the environmental changes.