Multiplication of time

5.7  Multiplication of time
Day Time
Monday 3 hours
Wednesday 3 hours
Friday 3 hours
Sunday 3 hours
Total 12 hours

The table shows the time Isa practises bowling in a week. How many hours does Isa practises in 4 weeks?

Mathematical sentence: \(4\space\times12\space\text{hours}=\space\underline{\quad\quad}\;\text{hours}\)


\(\begin{array} {rr} \\\;1\;2\;\;\text{hours} \\\times\;\;\;\space4\quad\quad\quad \\\hline\;\;\;4\;8\;\;\text{hours}\\\hline \end{array}\)

So, Isa practises bowling for 48 hours in 4 weeks.