Chapter 5: Time

In this topic, days and months are discussed as units of time.
5.1  Day and Month
Day   Night


  • Every day we have morning, noon, evening, night and midnight.
  • There are 7 days a week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  • In a year there are 12 months
Example of Questions

Today is Monday. Yesterday?


If today is Monday yesterday is Sunday.

And tomorrow is Tuesday.

5.2  Clock face
  • The clock face has numbers 1 to 12
  • The short hand is the hour hand
  • The long hand is the minute hand


  • The minute hand moves half a clock face so it is called half an hour.
  • A quarter of an hour is also called a quarter of an hour.
  • Three-quarters of an hour is also called three-quarters of an hour

5.3  Problem Solving

Jun Hong was in his village for twelve months.

Then, he returned to his home the following month.

In what month did he return home?

The 12th month is December which is the last month of each year.

After the 12th month will begin the new year which is the 1st month or January.

So Jun Hong returned home in January.