Personal Protective Equipment

1.1   Personal Protective Equipment

1. Personal Protective Equipment on a student:


Equipment Function
Goggles Protect the eyes from hazardous chemical substances
Face mask Protects the nose and mouth from inhaling pungent and volatile chemical substances and dust
Gloves Protect hands from hazardous chemical substances
Lab coat Protects clothing from damage
Safety shoes Protect the feet from chemical substance spills and glass splinters


2. Personal Protective Equipment in the laboratory:


Equipment Function
Laminar flow cabinet Used to avoid contamination when microbiological activities are carried out
Fume chamber Used to carry out experiments that use substances that are volatile, flammable, poisonous, corrosive or pungent
Safety shower Used to immediately clean and rinse parts of the body or clothing that have come into contact with chemical substances
Eyewash station Used to immediately rinse and wash the eye that has come into contact with chemical substances