Nutrient Cycle in an Ecosystem


 Nutrient Cycle in an Ecosystem

  • Nutrients are obtained from a balanced ecosystem and used by living things. Then, the nutrients are returned to the environment to be used again. This cycle is called a nutrient cycle.


Water Cycle

  • Water is absorbed by the roots of plants and released into the atmosphere through transpiration.
  • Animals carry out respiration, defecation and excretion which increase the water content in the atmosphere.
  • The roots of plants hold the soil tightly prevents soil erosion.
  • Leaves that fall from trees and cover the surface of the earth will reduce the rate of evaporation and prevent the soil from becoming dry.


Carbon cycle and Oxygen Cycle

  • Plants and animals carry out respiration which uses oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.
  • The decay of dead plants and animals by bacteria and fungi in the soil uses oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.
  • Green plants maintain the content of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air through photosynthesis which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.


Steps to solve problems when there is an Interference to the Nutrient Cycle

  1. Create planned agricultural systems
  2. Use public transport
  3. Store rainwater for daily use
  4. Replant trees
  5. Tighten laws