11.3  Reflection
  • A transformation that occurs when all the points on the plane are reversed in the same plane on a line
  • The line is called the axis of reflection
Features of Reflections
(i)   The object and the image are on the opposite sides of the axis of reflection. 
(ii)   The object and its image have the same perpendicular distance from the axis of reflection.
(iii)   The shape and size of the image is the same as the object, but the orientation is reversed.
(iv)   The image of a point on the axis of reflection is the point itself.
Properties of an Image of a Reflection
(i)   The image is the same shape and the same size as the object.
(ii)   The image has different orientations, inverted sides and forms mirror images with one another.
  • \(X'\) is the image of \(X\) that reflected on the axis of reflection.