Diversity in Plant Nutrition

3.3 Diversity in Plant Nutrition
  1. All plants can carry out photosynthesis except the parasitic plants
  2. Some plants also diversify nutrition with photosynthesis.This due to the nutritional adaptations in certain species through evolution.
  3. There are three plant nutrition other than photosynthesis such as carnivorous plants,parasitic plants and epiphytic plants. 
Carnivorous plants:-
  • The carnivorous plants carry out photosynthesis to obtain glucose
  • Examples: tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes sp.) and Venus flytrap (Dionae muscipula)
  • Grow on hill with nitrogen poor habitat and low soil pH
  • The leaves of carnivorous plants are adapted to trap insects
  • When the insects are trapped,glands on the leaf surface secrete enzymes and digest the insects
  • The digested products,especially amino acids that rich in nitrogen are absorbed and assimilated in the plants
Parasitic plants:-
  • The parasitic plants have modified roots,called haustoria
  • Haustoria can penetrate into vascular tissue of the host plant to absorb nutrients
  • Example: Rafflesia sp.
Epiphytic plants:-
  • Example: staghorn fern,bird's nest fern and epiphytic orchids
  • Have modified roots to dry environment and can anchor to the host plant on trunk,branch or other surfaces where they grow
  • Have roots and leaves to absorb mineral and water from rain water
  • The epiphytic plants do not harm the host plants