Compensation Point

2.5 Compensation Point
  1. Compensation point is the level of light intensity at which the rate of photosynthesis is equal to the rate of cellular respiration in plants
  2. At the compensation point:
  • The amount of carbon dioxide released during cellular respiration is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide used for photosynthesis
  • The amount of oxygen released during photosynthesis is equal to the amount of oxygen for cellular respiration

If the rate of photosynthesis and rate of cellular respiration remain at the compensation point,the plants do not grow normally. This is because:

  • The rate of photosynthesis is low 
  • All glucose produced from photosynthesis are oxidised during cellular respiration
  • The energy produced from cellular respiration only sufficient to support the daily use of plants
  • No excessive energy for normal growth
  • No excess storage food in plants