Vocabularies are all the words that exist in a particular language or subject.  
above across
almost along
also always
animal any
around asked
baby balloon
before began
being below
better between
birthday both
brother brought
brother can't
change didn't
different does
don't show
sister small
something sometimes
sound started
still stopped
such suddenly
sure swimming
think those
thought through
today together
told tries
turn turned
under walked
walking watch
where while
white whole
why window
without woke
woken word
work zesty
among average
below blow
borrow bridge
bucket celebration
country decorate
direction factory
fail flood
fold frighten
gather glad
gold hope
instrument junction
lake leave
lend lift
located magazine
match over
party peel
polish present
press pretend
programme receive
repair route
rush score
scream seat
serve sign
slip spin
spread stain
state statement
  Here are some vocabularies under the category of mathematics and science terms  
absorb accuracy
addition algae
antibiotic area
average axis
bacteria beaker
birth breadth
breath breathe
calculate cause
centimetre chart
circumference classify
compare condition
conductive conductor
construction contact
conversion cube
cuboid curl
defecate device
diagram diet
digit discount
disease dividend
drug electricity
excessive excretion
experiment explain
explore extinct
faeces fern
float fraction
frequency fungus
fur gas
graph grease
grid hatch
height horizontal
income infer
inhale innovate
insulator investment
latex leaflets
leather length
life cycle limitation
liquids litre
lung magnify
mankind mass
maximum mean
measurement metal
millipede mimosa
minimum mixture
mode movement
oblong parallel
parent plant pendulum
percentage perimeter
predict profit
pulse quantity
range reaction
recycle reduce
reference reproduce
reuse round off
scale schedule
shelter shoot
silk solar system
stem solids
spores square
stage stimuli
sting sweat
urinate vaccine
value virus
volume width
wind pipe young plant