Nouns are naming words for people, places, things and animals.  
  Nouns can be grouped as common nouns and proper nouns.  

a. Common Nouns

Definition: Words for people, places, things and animals in general.

For example: 

- girl (people)

- cat (animal)

- mountain (place)

- computer (thing)


b. Proper Nouns

Definition: A special name for a person, an animal, a place or a thing.

For example:

- Sarah (people)

- Angel (animal)

- Mount Everest (place)

- Macbook (thing)

  Tip! Proper nouns must begin with capital letters.  
  a. Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted.  

i. Singular Nouns

Definition: Nouns with one object.

For example:

- One cup

- A bicycle

An apple


ii. Plural Nouns

Definition: Nouns with more than one object.

For example:

- Six cups

- Two bicycles

- Four books


b. Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted.

For example:

- Flour, hair, milk, rice, etc.

1.3    GENDER
  Gender is a category of noun. There are four types of genders.  

a. Masculine Gender

- The names of all male persons or animals are said to be of the Masculine Gender.

For example:

- Man, actor, uncle, hero, king, lion etc.


b. Feminine Gender

- The names of all female persons or animals are said to be of the Feminine Gender.

For example:

- Woman, aunt, daughter, actress, queen, lioness etc.


c. Neuter Gender

- Things without life cannot be distinguished either as male or female; hence the names of such things are said to be of the Neuter Gender.

For example:

- House, knife, tree, chair, table, book, ball etc.


d. Common Gender

- Names that can be used for both males and females are said to be of the Common Gender.

For example:

- Child, parent, student etc.


a. Though Collective Nouns refer to living-beings but are used as Neuter-Noun.

For Example:

The army is called to tackle the situation.

  b. Objects known for their power, strength, and violence are used as Masculine Gender Noun

For Example:

The death is cruel. He is as certain as tomorrow.


c. Objects known for their beauty, gentleness and grace are used as Feminine Gender Noun.

For Example:

The earth is a unique planet. Her beauty is adorable.