• Magnets are an important object for humans because they have various uses for human daily life.



  • A magnet is an object that can attract metals and steel. 

Use of magnets in our daily life

  • As magnets can be used to attracts metals. Hence, it has multiple purposes in human's daily life. 
  • Most magnets are made up of metals. 
Examples of the usage of magnets in our daily life:- 
  1. Fridge magnet: Can be used to stick notes on metal surfaces. 
  2. Knives holder: Can be used to stick knives.
  3. Compass: Can be used to find direction. 
  4. Other uses: Can be used for household appliances, medical appliances and vehicles. 

Shapes of magnets

  • Magnets come in multiple sizes and shapes. 
  • Each magnet has a north and south pole. 

Magnets reaction

  • The magnet can attract objects but not all objects can be attracted to the magnet. 
  • A magnet will attract objects that are made up of metals. 
Examples of magnetic and non-magnetic objects-
  • Magnetic objects are objects that can be attracted by magnets while non-magnetic objects are objects that cannot be attracted by magnets. 

Attraction and Repulsion of Magnets 

  • When two magnets are put close together they can attract or repel one another. 

Strength of a Magnet

  • Every magnet has a different strength.