Problem Solving

4.3 Problem Solving
There are various strategies for problem solving, always involving the question of a transaction involving money.
Example Question

Anas has \(80\text{ sen}\). He bought a valuable item that cost \(50\text{ sen}\).

How much money does he have left now?

To get the amount of money that Anas had after he bought the item, we have to subtract the price of the item from the amount of money he had initially.

So, we have to subtract \(50\text{ sen}\) from \(80\text{ sen}\).

\(\begin{array}{rr}80\text{ sen} \\-\quad50\text{ sen} \\\hline30\text{ sen}\\\hline \end{array}\)

From the above calculations, we know that the amount of money he has now is \(30\text{ sen}\).