1.4  Elasticity
  The ability of an object to return to its original shape after the force applied on it has been removed  
  Hooke's law  
  Extension of spring is directly proportional to the force applied to the spring provided that the elastic limit of the spring has not been exceeded.  
  • Gradient of graph = spring constant
  Elastic limit  

The maximum force that can be applied on the spring before spring stops being elastic.

 \(F=kx\), where F = force, k = spring constant, x = extension of spring


Factors affecting the elasticity of the spring

  1.  Type of material
    • steel > copper
  2. Length of the spring
  3. Diameter of the spring
  4. Thickness of the spring
  5. Spring arrangement (parallel > series)
    • Force on each spring = \(\dfrac{W}{2}\)
    • Extension of each spring = \(\dfrac{x}{2}\)

    • Force on each spring = \(W\)
    • Extension of each spring = \(x\)