• In grammar, the preposition is a word used before a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun, connecting it to another word.
  • Examples: We swam in the pool. (in is a preposition)
  There are a few types of prepositions  
(a)   Prepositions of place/position
(b)   Prepositions of time
(c)   Prepositions of direction
13.1  Prepositions of Place/Position



  • used to show an exact position or particular place
  • table
  • events
  • the place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study, work)


  • I met her at the entrance, at the bus stop
  • She sat at the table
  • at a concert, at the party
  • at the movies, at university, at work

1. It Is used to refer to an enclosed area.


(a) the cafe...

(b) the mall...

2. Is used for large territories such as continents, countries, states, etc. (For smaller areas, at is used)


(a) Thailand...

(b) Pantai Dalam...

At and In

Both can be used for buildings. The difference is that 'at' refers to a building as an institution while 'in' refers to the building as a structure.


(a) Sarah works at a hospital.

(b) Sarah works in a hospital.


It is used to show that a particular place is located along a road, river, coastal line, etc.


(a) ...on Jalan Donggongan...

(b) ...on Sungai Kinabatangan...

13.2  Prepositions of Time



Usage Examples

at + a specific time on the clock

at + night

(a) We have a class at nine o'clock.

(b) We sleep at night. 

in in + periods longer/shorter than a day

(a) My birthday is in October.

(b) I was born in 1995.


on + a specific day of the week

on + a specific date

(a) I have badminton training on Sunday.

(b) I was born on October 13, 1995. from (a specific time) to (a specific time)

(a) We have an extra class from 1.05 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

(b) I have a piano lesson from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

before Used when the first event mentioned happened first. (a) Siti took off her shoes before entering the house. 
after Used when the first event mentioned happened next.  (a) We had lunch after the meeting. 
13.3  Prepositions of Direction



Usage Examples
from Used to show the place where someone or something starts. The wind is coming from the North. 
through From one point to the next. The river runs through the valleys.
into To the inside or middle of a place, container, area, etc. Let's go into the auditorium.
towards In the direction of, or closer to, someone or something. She stood up and walked towards the fan.
up Towards a higher position.  Put those books up on the top shelf.