Writing Component

This topic will give you some knowledge about essay writing and its format. 
  There are two tasks in writing assessment:  
  Part 1 : Short Communicative Message  
  Part 2 : Note Expansion  
18.1  Part 1: Short Communicative Message
  • You need to write an essay of about 80 words based on the stimulus given. The essay can be an email, a short letter, a brief note, or a brief description.
  • Aim of the message:
  1. To invite
  2. To make a choice
  3. To persuade
  4. To express an opinion
  5. To accept or decline an invitation
  6. To complain
  7. To describe
  8. To give information
  9. To advise
  10. To give suggestions
  • Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to answer this part:
  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Identify the reason why you should write the message.
  3. Identify your target audience.
  4. Check whether the tone should be formal or informal.
  5. Be concise, clear, and straight to the point.
  6. Write in paragraphs.
  7. Check your spelling, tenses, and punctuation.


Read the following email from your friend, Lily.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Opinion needed


    My parents have organized a family trip to Kundasang. I feel that I may be bored and have decided to bring my phone to play online games. However, my dad is asking me not to take the phone but to take my collection of indoor board games.

    Let me know whether I should follow my dad’s suggestion.



In about 80 words, write an email to Lily and express your opinion.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Follow your dad’s suggestion

(Give an appropriate salutation.)
Hello Lily,
(Write a short introduction. Use an informal tone.)
    Great news to know that you are going on a family trip with your family.
(Express your stand. Give the first reason and further details.)
    In my opinion, you should follow your dad’s suggestion and take along the board games. Board games will enhance the closeness and harmony among your family members.
(Give a second reason and use the linking word.)
    Moreover, there will be lots of shared laughter and jokes while playing the board games. You will have more fun.
(State why the phone is not a good idea.)
    If you take the phone, you will be playing online games alone and this will defeat your dad’s reason for a family trip.
(End appropriately.)
    This is my opinion. Have a great trip. Bye.
(Write your name.)


18.2  Part 2: Note Expansion
  • In this part, the writing can be one of the following:
  1. Email
  2. Review
  3. Journal
  4. Processes & Procedures
  5. Letters (Informal & Formal)
  6. Report
  7. Postcard
  8. Stories (Narrative, descriptive)
  • Below are some format of the essays writing:


  • People write emails to exchange digital messages using digital devices such as computers and mobile phones.
Write the sender’s and receiver’s email addresses.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]
Include the subject line. Subject: Dragon Dance
Give an informal salutation. Hello Jaiver,


State the special event.

    I would like to share a special event that happened at my office today. My company had organized a Dragon Dance procession five days after Chinese New Year. Most of my colleagues are Chinese.

Body (The details):

State when it happened.

Give details of what happened.

Who was involved in the event?

What did you do?

    At 3 p.m., the Dragon dancers came in a lorry. They danced in front of the building and entered the office to bless us with prosperity and good luck. My manager gave the dancers red packets of money called ‘ang pow’. I was amazed at the special skills of the dancers as they jumped high up in the air and twirled around like a real dragon. (Continue...)


State your feelings about the event.

    I’m happy that this special event has promoted goodwill, harmony, and integration among all the races. Bye for now.







  • A review is an individual’s response to a work of art, film, book, occasion, or place. The reviewer projects his/her ‘judgment’ and the reader does not have to agree with the comments.

  • Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to answer this type of essay:

  1. Think of a catchy, suitable title for your review.
  2. Introduce what you are reviewing - a book, film, occasion, place.
  3. Describe with more detail what you are reviewing. 
  4. Conclude with your negative or positive opinion, recommendations, suggestions. 

Report of Survey

  • A survey is usually conducted to collect important data about certain trends, fashions, habits, attitudes, or opinions.
  • Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to answer this type of essay:
  1. Find out why the survey was carried out.
  2. State who the survey respondents are.
  3. Find the highest and lowest percentage or number.
  4. Make comparisons between data found. 
  5. Analyze the information.
  6. State your suggestions or recommendations. 

Informal Letters

  • An informal letter is written to people who are close to you or whom you are familiar with. 
  • Here is the format of writing this type of essay:

34, Jalan Puri,

Taman Warisan,

65790, Petaling Jaya.

Sender's address
6 Mac 2021. Date
Dearest Alice, Salutation


Introductory paragraph 


State the reason for writing


Body of the letter


Give necessary details


Concluding paragraph
Your friend, Complimentary close
Jesica Signature



Formal Letters

  • Formal letters are written on official matters, such as making a complaint, asking for permission, making inquiries, or applying for jobs. 
  • Here is the format of writing this type of essay:

Maya Aisyah,

No.3, Taman Jaya,

89790, Petaling Jaya.

Sender's name and address

The Principal,

SMK Jaya, Taman Jaya,

89790, Kuala Lipis,

Pahang.                                                                                                                                                               23 MAC 2021. 

Recipient's designation and address


Dear Sir,  Salutation
Unsatisfactory Service of The School Canteen Subject


Introductory paragraph


Body of the letter: State your reason for writing


Give evidence/ suggestions/ opinion/etc


Conclude the letter
Thank you.   
Yours faithfully,  Complimentary close
Maya Signature
(MAYA AISYAH) Name in capital letters + position