Building Set 

  • One building set is made up of building components and illustrated manual. 


Building Set 


Building Set

Building Set
  It is a set of components used to build several types of models and includes an illustrated manual.   
  • Examples of models:- 
  • A building set has components of various shapes and colours, such as:- 

Illustrated Manual 

  • Each building set come with its own illustrated manual. 
  It is a guide to help us in assembling a model from a building set correctly.  

Assembling and Dismantle a Model

  • An illustrated manual is used to assemble a model correctly. 
  • Assembling and dismantling a model should be planned properly.
  • Steps of Assembling a Model 
Identify component from the building set box.
Choose the components.
Assemble the components into sections.
Combine each section. 
Completion of assembling a model. 
  • Steps of Dismantling a Model
Disassemble start from the final step of installation.
Arrange the components according to their shapes and colour.
Count the number of each component.
Arrange the component neatly in their compartments. 
  • Components from one building set can also be used to build another model based on our creativity.