Electric Circuit

  • A lot of appliances and devices in our houses uses electricity. Hence, electricity is an important element in our life. 


Electric Circuit

  • Electricity is an important thing in human's daily life.

Electric Component and Its Functions

  • An electrical circuit is a complete circuit that allows electric current to flow through it.
  • An electric circuit is made up of multiples components such as:- 

Electric circuit

  • Connecting the bulb, dry cell and switch with wires will create one electric circuit.
  • The switch is a component in the circuit that can connect and break the electric current in the circuit 
  • When the switch is closed, the electric current will flow and causes the bulb to light up. 
  • When the switch is opened, the electric current will not flow and causes the bulb not to light up. 

Why does not the bulb light up?

  • There are multiples reasons why a bulb does not light up. 
  • For examples:-

The bulb is broken


The dry cell does not have enough energy


Wrong-way of installing the bulb


The wire is not connected correctly


The switch is off


Conductor and Insulator

  • A conductor is a material that allows electric current to flow through it.
  • An insulator is a material that does not allow the electric current to flow through it.
Examples of conductor and insulators:-