Light and Dark 

  • Light and dark have various distinct importance on human life.



Light and Dark 


Light and Dark 

  • Our surrounding is bright due to the light.
  • Without light, our surrounding will turn dark and make it hard to see. 
  • Activities during light and dark. 
Examples of activities during light:-
  1. Reading
  2. Playing sports
  3. Riding bicycle
Examples of activities during dark:-
  1. Sleeping 
  2. Stargazing

Sources of light

  • The main source of light for the earth is the sun. Sun emitted light and lit up the earth surfaces. 
  • During night time, human uses other sources of light to lighten up our dark environment to see better. 


  • Shadow is formed when light is blocked by an object. 
  • When the lights are blocked, this will cause a formation of a dark image similar to the shape of the object that blocked the lights. 

Clarity and size of the shadow

  • The clarity of a shadow depends on the opacity of the object that blocks the light. 
  • A transparent object cannot form a shadow. 
  • The size of a shadow depends on the distance between the light source and the object. 
  • The nearer the object to the source of light, the bigger the size of the shadow. 

The shadow play

  • You can try observing the shape of the shadow by creating shapes by using your hands.