Animal reproduction

  • Animals reproduce by laying eggs and giving birth to their youngs. Each animal also has a different appearance at birth.


Animal reproduction


Animal reproduction

  • Animals reproduce by laying eggs and giving birth. 

Lay a few eggs, lay many eggs

  • Animals lay a different number of eggs. 
  • Some animals lay a few eggs and some animal lay many eggs. 
  • Examples of animal that lay a few eggs and many eggs:-



A few young, many young

  • Animal gives birth to a different number of young. 
  • Examples of animal that give birth to a few young and many young:-

We are similar, we are different 

  • Some animals offspring looks the same as their patients and some animal parents do not look the same as their offspring. 
  • There are a few animals that have a similar look to their parents.
  • As examples: Cat, dog, cow, horse, elephant and giraffe. 

Lifecycle of animals

  • Animals that was born as an egg will change as they grow. 
  • The changes of the animal can be observed in the life cycle of the animal. The shape and physical traits of the animal will continue to change until it reaches an adult animal age. 
  • Example of the animal lifecycle:-

Lifecycle of a frog:-


Lifecycle of a butterfly:- 

  • For the animal that is born through birth. The animals' appearance is almost similar to the parents. 
  • However, the size of the animal will increase as it grows up and reaches the adult stage.