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Sir Aim Azri

A graduate from UMT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He’s been teaching Mathematics for over a decade. Besides that, he also developed a few Mathematics modules to help students ace exams.

Cikgu Maria

A professional tutor who graduated in Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Science, Statistic, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She has been experienced in tutoring industry physically and online since year 2014. Apart from that, Cikgu Maria also is actively invited as a speaker in Mathematics seminar all over Malaysia.

Sir Shah

Sir Shah graduated from UiTM with a master's degree in Science, Environmental Engineering. For his achievements, Sir Shah was awarded the Best Presenter at the 10th AICCE’22) and received the Best Paper Award at the 3rd International Conference on RAECAS’2020.

Sir Kimi

Graduated from Bachelor Degree in Science Applied Mathematics at UM, being excellent in Mathematics does not stop him to be great in teaching Physics and Science subjects for secondary students. He is now currently pursuing DPLI in order to continue his passion to be a Teacher.

Teacher Zahida

Graduated from IIUM with a First Class Degree in English for International Communication. During her studies, she developed English Modules for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Learners with the English Department of AIMST University . She was also the speaker for Sembang Sabtu on Pandai Official Youtube.

Cikgu Ahmad

Graduated from UKM with a master’s in Political Science. He had over 3 years of experience, teaching Sejarah for secondary students. He was one of the UKM GLOBAL Ambassador and participant for European Union SHARE Scholar (Malaysia-Indonesia).


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