Basic Operation Involving Money

3.1 Basic Operation Involving Money

We will learn to solve addition number sentences involving up to three values of money with the sum up to RM 100 000.

  • The method used to add value to money is the same method used in adding decimal numbers.
  • To add value to money, the decimal points are arranged / placed in a vertical line, and addition is done from right to left.
  • If the value of money given is in sen units, CONVERT the sen value to RM so that the calculation can be done easily. For example, the value of 80 sen if converted to RM is RM 0.80.
Find the total values ​​of RM 6 932.86, RM 48 900 and RM 10 973.42.
RM 6 932.86 + RM 48 900 + RM 10 973.42  = RM 66 806.28
ANSWER: RM 66 806.28