Humans are able to perform various daily activities by using their senses and limbs. However, humans have limitations in their ability to perform their daily activities. In this chapter students will learn more about the human limitations, the development of technology in various fields and the advantages and disadvantages of technology.
13.1  Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology
Technology can overcome the limits of human capabilities. Humans have created various tools to overcome the limits of their capabilities by applying scientific knowledge.
  The application of scientific knowledge to help overcome the limits of human ability  

Human limitations

  • The inability of humans to perform an activity is due to the limitations of the human brain, limbs and senses
Devices Limitations that can be overcome
  • Magnifying glass
  • Helps humans to see fine and small objects more clearly
  • Mikroscope
  • Can observe tiny living things such as bacteria
  • Speaker
  • Allows the voice to be heard loudly by others
  • Car
  • Can travel long distances in short period of time
  • Binocular
  • Can see distant objects
  • Calculator
  • Can perform calculations faster and more accurate

Development of techonlogy

  • Various conveniences and a more comfortable life are now the result of technological development
  • Technology is developing rapidly in various fields such as agriculture, transportation, construction, communication and medicine

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

  • Technological progress that is constantly developing is also harmful to human life
Advantages of technology Disadvantages of technology
  • The use of drones to spray insecticides on crops can save time and human effort
  • The lifespan of drone batteries is limited and the disposal of drone batteries can cause pollution
  • Medical technology can improve the quality of human health
  • Medicines can be abused, causing social problems and health problems that cause death
  • More houses can be built on hillsides
  • Destruction of flora and fauna due to deforestation
  • Unlimited and fast sharing of information can save time
  • Negative influences spread easily in addition to data that is easily hacked
  • The increase in motorized vehicles makes it easier to move from one place to another
  • The release of harmful gases contributes to air pollution