Health Issues Related to the Human Reproductive System


Health Issues Related to the Human Reproductive System

Infertility in male and female:
Causes of interfility Description
Less sperm count Probability of fertilisation to occur is low
Abnormal sructure of sperm Sperms do not function and fertilisation does not occur
Blockage of sperm duct No sperm found in semen
Inactive sperm Sperm unable to move to Fallopian tube for fertilisation
Infection in testis No sperm formed or abnormal sperm formed
Impotence Sexual reproduction does not occur
  • Female:
Causes of infertility Description
No ovum formed Fertilisation does not occur
No ovulation No ovum is released and fertilisation does not occur
Blockage of Fallopian tube

Sperm could not fertilise with ovum

Uterus problems (abnormal structures,tumuor) Implantation difficult or does not occur
Irregular menstrual cycle Production of ovum and ovulation is affected

Overcoming infertility in male:

  1. Sperm bank
  • Donor's sperms are collected and stored frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degree celcius
  • The sperms chosen by the couple will be injected into the woman's Fallopian tube during ovulation

       2. Artificial insemination (AI)

  • Due to the small amount of sperm, this technique will accumulate sperms over a certain period of time to achieve a large quantity
  • Sperms are injected into the Fallopian tube during ovulation

Infertility treatment:

  1. In vitro fertilisation (IVF)
  • A mature ovum is removed form the ovary and is fertilised by the sperm in a culture plate in the laboratory
  • Fertilisations occurs after 5-6 hours
  • The fertilised ovum is re-inserted into the uterus for the embryo implantation process
  • The baby born is known as a test tube baby